Fukubiki! Triangle: Futaba wa Atafuta episode 1


How is everyone? Futaba is naughty __
I’m addicted to it lately. To Kabedon. I’m trying to capture it with a smart game, but if I’m pressed by that kind of wind

Approaching forcibly … Ah, no, Futaba is like this … Ah.
Nante Nante. Dehehehehehe ………… Well, it’s impossible for seniors, isn’t it?
But Futaba has a helping hand!

The medicine that my friend Airi gave me. I wonder if I can get rid of this if I drink it.
It seems that Airi-chan used it as a dad and said that she was good at it, so I thought I’d use her Futaba to give birth to a sloppy senior and change it …
Ngu, Egu, Higu … Ugh … Egu … But
it’s like that. Futaba was polluted by a metamorphosis crap idiot senior … I was
forced to dislike it … It was a shock to Futaba to change like that …
However, Futaba’s body was made to like by seniors … it got hot … huh.