Inquisition – Sealed Despair Virgin The Motion Anime


Japanese Title: 異端審問 絶望を封印せし処女、下劣貴族にハメられ堕つ The Motion Anime

Alternative: AMCP-131

The human army has won the long battle against the Demon King’s army. While the whole kingdom is excited about the victory, behind the scenes, there is a fire brewing to fight for supremacy in the aftermath of the war. Freya is called “the saint” by the people, and is trusted by them immensely. Pance, the head of the council, feels threatened by her presence and invites her to a party he presides over. He presses her to become his spouse, but she denounces him for his actions. Impatient, Pance puts Freya to sleep by force, and plans to make it happen. Through Pance’s vile trap, the maiden known as the saint loses her virginity and is corrupted by human greed.