Sakusei Byoutou The Animation episode 2

Yamada was hospitalized with a complicated fracture of both hands.
He had a certain “chronic condition”.
It was a strange illness that caused severe pain in the testicles unless it ejaculated once every three hours.
During his hospital stay, his “treatment”, in which he cannot use both hands, will be handled by the nurses in the ward.
However, this hospital was a hellish hospital where it was rumored that nurses with the worst personality would work …!
The second person’s worst nurse is Kurokawa, an insidious nurse.
Yamada, who was asked to show “faithfulness” in compensation for the milking, was forced to be used for Kurokawa’s sinister act of revenge.
Yamada is jerked off with a penis attached to a masturbator, and is ejaculated in large quantities into Tachibana’s omanko.
Kurokawa treats Yamada, who has fallen to the point of falling, as a “scum fellow”.