Sakusei Byoutou The Animation episode 8


In a jaw-dropping twist, Kiritani, the one with those hidden desires bubbling beneath the surface, unleashed her true nature in a mind-blowing way. She couldn’t resist exploring the depths of her fantasies. Kiritani summoned Yamaguchi to this secluded storage room. As that door closed behind us, the air crackled with anticipation. Under Kiritani’s commanding presence,  she drops an order to Yamaguchi. She stood there, face to face with Yamada, fully aware of the intensity about to explode. But even as Yamaguchi fulfilled Kiritani’s twisted desire, Kiritani’s hunger for control remained unquenchable. She took matters into their own hands, leaving Yamada consumed by the overwhelming power. Kiritani, fueled by a desire for control, takes the lead, pushing Yamada beyond their limits.