Sakusei Byoutou The Animation episode 5


At night, Yamada runs around the hospital ward trying to avoid the S nurse, Numajiri. Yamada has been targeted by Numajiri’s  semen extraction “treatment”, and he is trying to report her to the head nurse.

Yamada approaches a nurse named Mochizuki at the nurse’s station and asks her for the location of the chief nurse’s office. However, Numajiri catches them, and she takes Yamada and Mochizuki to the emergency staircase.

Numajiri forces the timid Mochizuki to perform a certain sexual act on Yamada. Despite being shy, Mochizuki has a kinky side and enjoys it, and she even has an intense orgasm during the act.

Next, Numajiri demands that Mochizuki, who is still a virgin, have sex with Yamada.