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Nendou Shoujo Sailor Splendor The Motion Anime

One day, the main character, Nagisa Kujo, is attacked by mysterious men in black and taken to a certain underground facility.
[Frozen sleeping room on the 8th floor underground]
“– Wake up! Nagisa, wake up!–”
Nagisa is awakened by the voice of a mysterious girl.
The owner of the voice calls herself “Mitsuki” and is said to be speaking to Nagisa from within the nanomachines embedded in her body.
According to Mizuki, fighters from the evil organization “Shaldark” will soon be arriving in this room.

Mizuki: “Anyway, let’s leave this room. can you move?
Nagisa: “She’s a little heavy, but she seems to be fine.”
Mizuki: “Good for you… then, let’s go outside the room.”
Nagisa cooperates with Mizuki and aims to escape from the mysterious underground organization――