Kairaku Ochi Suru Anezuma ~Otto no Tame ni Midara na Youkyuu ni Sakaraenai~ PLAY MOVIE


Japanese: 快楽堕ちする姉妻~夫の為に淫らな要求に逆らえない~ PLAY MOVIE

Alternative: ANP-169

I’ve liked my sister since I was little.
However, she gets married and leaves home and i told myself that it couldn’t be helped.

But there was one thing I couldn’t forgive, why did she marry such a man?

At the time,
I was working part-time as a novelist who couldn’t sell, so I was eventually cornered and had to look for a low-paying, dangerous job.

Or something… I’ve been making a fool of myself.

One day, he is fired from his employer and his life is stalled due to his spending and pride.
Meanwhile, I was finally starting to sell as a novelist, and I was starting to make a living.

That man with a lot of pride hid this from his parents house and was fired from the company  even though he was not bad.
You can get a new job right away anyway, and in that case, you can pay more than enough money, so take care of it!

Even though he was in need of life and asked for help, he rolled into my house with great dignity.

So I thought about it.
…… That’s about it.
Because I take care of my hated brother-in-law, who has been saying all the bad things for a long time, without being reminded to pay for a certain time.

And my favorite sister… I love her, but I also hate her for marrying a man like that.

“Sister, take off your clothes, get naked. I’ve been telling you before, make it quick. You know why. …… I wonder if it will clarify what to do, whether to do it or not.”