A motion animation that hypnotized a cheeky bitch who was freeloading and made her understand


Japanese Title: 居候のくせに生意気なメス〇キを催眠かけてわからせてやった モーションアニメ

Alternative: RJ438597

The protagonist is entrusted with his brother and sister-in-law’s daughter “Kohaku”. She is a beautiful young lady with good looks and a good upbringing, but she is proud and unemployed and is scorned every day… He spends his days enduring, but he finally makes up his mind after exceeding a critical point in his endurance. ‘…… Oh my God… I’ve reached my limit! I’ll use the hypnosis app to show you how scary adults can be…!” Rewriting the common sense of the girl who comes raw, and making her serve him thoroughly! Kohaku senses that something is wrong, but her competitive nature makes her want to get it on. She helps him to masturbate with her hands and mouth, and even has sex with him to release his sexual desires! “Ho-oh? Oh oh oh! Raw sex is too good! I can’t go back after this!” The pleasure that is gradually being learned by the body… By the time you realise it, you won’t be able to escape from the sloppy sex!