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Maki-chan to Nau episode 3

Yuki decides to move from her parents’ house because she wants to stay near Seiichi.
She had to leave Seiichi for a week as she went through various procedures.
Seiichi and Yuki do sex with each other before leaving for a while.
And Maki who was looking into the two etches.
Maki sees Seiichi’s vaginal cum shot and appears in front of them with a vibe in one hand.

The vibs toy is embedded in the crotch of Yuki who has filled up Seiichi’s semen like a lid.
She says Maki says she’s not lonely while she’s back home and she can’t meet Seiichi.
Yuki nods with a big smile at Maki’s unexpected proposal. The thoughts of the metamorphosis sisters cannot be understood by the general public.
On the day, Seiichi and Maki who see off Yuki who accumulated semen in the crotch and made a vibs toy.

Yuki can’t stand it on the train and turns on the vibrator.
Seiichi and Maki, who have been alone for the first time in a long time, get excited after having a date and rush into a love hotel.