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Maki-chan to Nau episode 2

One night, Seiichi Sakonji, a light novel writer and eroge writer who don’t sell well, witnesses a beautiful girl, Maki Sanjo, who lives next door, indulging in masturbation on the balcony.
Maki is talented and has a neat atmosphere. However, she was actually a super-nasty constitution (and a virgin) with a lot of libido!
An unexpected approach from Maki-chan. Maki-chan’s request for metamorphosis does not stop for Sakonji who is confused!

Maki who is going to have sex with Seiichi.
One day, Maki’s younger sister, Yuki Misono, who jumped out of her parents’ house, decided to roll over to them.
However, Seiichi and Yuki who are shy.
Maki will struggle to improve the jerky relationship with each other.

One day, Yuki comes to wake up Seiichi who is tired of her work and is sleeping soundly. The figure of Yuki who shakes Seiichi was like an apron naked.
Yuki, her younger sister, draws the same blood as Maki’s metamorphosis nasty constitution. Natural eros oozes from her innocent Yuki’s body.
Yuki who lives with Seiichi in a naked apron.
Yuki’s immature and small bulge jumps into Seiichi’s field of vision through the gap in the apron.

Seiichi desperately resists his desires so as not to touch this little angel who does not know the dirt.
The effort was vain, and Maki was begged for a sex lecture by an angel who was wisdom, and
eventually … the angel transformed into a fallen angel.