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Maki-chan to Nau episode 1

One night, Seiichi Sakonji, a light novel writer and eroge writer who don’t sell well, witnesses a beautiful girl, Maki Sanjo, who lives next door, indulging in masturbation on the balcony.
Maki has a talented and neat atmosphere. However, she was actually a super-nasty constitution (and a virgin) with excessive libido!
“My virgin and your virgin … I want to exchange it.”
An unexpected approach from Maki-chan. Maki-chan’s request for metamorphosis does not stop for Sakonji who is confused.
Cherry and Virgin, the night when they disappeared from each other … The two peculiar daily activities have begun.

Midsummer day noon. Sakonji is chased by a deadline in his room. Maki in uniform appears there.
When it comes to a change of pace, Maki-chan, who looks boldly open her chest, turns her face to Sakonji’s crotch.
The crotch of Sakonji who swells in Bing. Maki-chan sucks on it with love.
When Sakonji’s cloudy liquid, which has run out magnificently, is drunk deliciously, Maki-chan’s own sexual desire is also ignited.
However, when I moved to her bedroom and it was the second round, Maki-chan’s mobile phone received an incoming call …
It was a call from her sister, Yuki Misono, who lives apart for some reason.
Maki-chan is in a hurry at Yuki-chan’s faint muttering that seems to disappear from her phone.
For some reason, Maki-chan, who changed into a suit and changed into plain clothes, is heading to …