Abandon: 100 Nuki Shinai to Derarenai Fushigi na Kyoushitsu episode 2


Airisa Katagiri, Hikaru Tsumura, Miho Sonoda, Junpei Katagiri, and Tomonori Abe are trapped in a mysterious space by a mysterious entity ruler who came out of their smartphones.
There, you have to complete the game presented by the ruler to get out.
The content of the game is to shoot a satisfying AV.
When Abe is given a mysterious script that makes what he wrote come true, he happily creates an AV.
However, Ruler, who is not satisfied with just one shot, urges Abe to take more shots. Abe reluctantly writes the script and the second AV starts.
When Junpei woke up, he was put in a cast on his leg and laid on the bed.
Approaching Junpei is Hikaru in a nurse uniform. Despite Junpei being surprised by the appearance of his classmates that he has never seen before, Hikaru lets Junpei pat his chest.
Hikaru is baffled by the words and deeds that come out regardless of his will. What was written in the script was absolute and there was nothing Hikaru could do about it.
Despite his mental resistance, Hikaru’s hand reached for Junpei’s crotch