Fushigi no Kuni no Succubus episode 1


One day, while taking a walk, Rate encountered an animal resembling a rabbit. They found himself standing in front of an unfamiliar castle after falling headfirst into a well they peered into as indicated by the rabbit.

Caught off guard, Rate was suddenly approached by a stunning and voluptuous older sister. But fear not, for help was at hand!.

“I’ll lend you my strength. Do as I say♪”

And so, an adventure began, which had a somewhat erotic twist. Rate diligently followed the instructions of the helpful older sister named Louise, the alluring older sister named Louise, as him touched her ample bosom and private areas.

Will Rate be able to safely return home? In this strange land, those who wander become immersed in gigantic breasts and experience pleasure in agony ♡