Fushigi no Kuni no Succubus episode 2


Rate found himself trapped in the world of lustful demons. But don’t worry, there’s a kind and beautiful demon princess named Luis to guide him. They decided to search for clues to send Rate back to his original world, so they headed to a nearby village.

There, a small demon called Lesser Imp appeared. Despite her innocent and cute appearance, she’s still a lustful demon, and her breasts are disproportionately large.

“Rate-kun! Let’s play together!” she exclaimed.

However, it seems her personality isn’t as innocent as her looks. She takes the opportunity to initiate intimate contact with Rate, making him feel awkward and unsure of how to respond.

Her astonishingly huge and soft breasts are attracting Rate. Could it be the influence of some irresistible lustful demon power? Will Rate resist temptation and avoid getting entangled in the Lesser succubus desires once again?