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My Imouto: Koakuma na A Cup episode 1

I hear my brother teasing me. It is an annual morning event of the Utsumi family.
His older brother, Mitsuru Utsumi, who has been swearing at her, was having trouble getting along with his sister-in-law, Miyu.
Her short hair, doll-like facial features, and her developing body, represented by her flat breasts, were the ideal sister image for Mitsuru.
I had a delusion of sweet days with her sister-in-law, but Miyu takes a sweet attitude only in front of her parents, and when she is alone, she treats it like a swill.
One day she spends her difficult days as her brother, she finds out that Miyu has a complex in her chest.
Mitsuru’s remarks, which tried to solve her worries, would make Miyu angry.
When he tried to stop the rampaging beauty, her legs got tangled and collapsed, pushing him down.
The well-organized face of Miyu who is close to her, her body temperature transmitted from her close contact, and the sweet and sour scent peculiar to a girl.
Knowing that she shouldn’t be lustful for her sister-in-law, Mitsuru’s hand rolls up her beauty actor’s jacket and strokes her developing body.
Suppressing her disliked beauty, Mitsuru’s hand stretches into a bra that wraps her breasts in the A cup.