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Kichiku: Haha Shimai Choukyou Nikki episode 2

The ugly man’s lust experiment is still going on! Finally, the poisonous fang moves to his sister …

Kinichi Kimowota, who succeeded in living in the house of his sister who lives with a beautiful mother and sister, differentiates her sister “Nao” into a sex slut with her own medicine. I succeeded in doing it.
The next target is Aimi, a talented older sister.

First of all, she pretends to be another person and asks for her fear of Aimi, and at the same time, she adapts her medicine to her body.
Aimi, who is being eroded without her knowledge, consults with her fiancé, but it’s also a trap that’s all set up!

When everything is in place, she insults her sister with her sister as a dashi. Kinichi.
Aimi accepts everything for her sister and expands her anal, but what
jumps in front of her is a fiancé who overlaps her sister like a beast.

Aimi’s fiancé is taken down by her real sister and her spirit collapses.