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Kangoku Senkan episode 1

An era when humankind began to spread into space. Mankind’s prints have spread throughout the solar system.
Eventually, the number of “space humans” who do not have the earth as their hometown will increase, and in order to correct the earth-centered principle until then, the space federal government that recognized the sovereignty of each colonial star will be established.
The main character, Doni Bogan, is a major of the Earth Federation Forces and the captain of the battleship Jasant for transporting VIPs. However, the protagonist and the crew of the Jasant had the back face of a special forces belonging to the political group “Neo Terras” centered on the earth-born citizen “Archaic humans”.
They were tasked with assassinating and abducting key figures from the “New Solar” faction, a political group centered on “space humans” who claimed their interests and were hostile to each other.
The targets this time were Lieutenant Colonel Lieri Bishop, an up-and-coming talented woman from the “New Solar” school, and her adjutant, Major Naomi Evans.
At a federal conference on Earth, they are likely to find evidence of illegal activity on Earth by big “Neo Terras” politicians and accuse them.
So they planned to brainwash the two beautiful officers and turn them into the ones that were convenient for them, with their best brainwashing mission.
“Tomorrow, we will stop at the planet Titan and carry them to Earth. We will use the equipment of this ship to brainwash them during the transfer.” The
protagonist and the girls had a lot of ties. It was a deeply carved memory of humiliation, and one day the protagonist had her face shaped to gain her current position in order to take revenge.
“Now, how to remake it … Lieri Bishop, Naomi Evans. I’ve been thinking about a special plan for you …”
The Jasant turned to the planet Titan and quietly began to swim its giant into space.