Summer Break with My Step Sister ~Sex Everyday With My Innocent Country-side Step Sister~ Motion Anime


A very hot summer, the third year of working people.
I took a long vacation for the first time in a few years and came back to my parents’ house.
Calm and nostalgic days in the countryside full of nature.
It was supposed to be a brief break, forgetting the hectic life in the city.

I’m still confused by the changes in my step sister, Kaho, who I met for the first time in a few years.
Kaho, who has grown into a beautifully erotic body with chest, hips, and legs, is completely ignorant and careless about sexuality, probably because she was raised in the countryside.
Even if I see her pants and boobs, she don’t care at all.
Thanks to that, every day I have trouble finding my eyes …
On the contrary, she invites me with an innocent smile, “Oh, take a bath with me?”

I’m horny about my naked step sister who has a too naughty body and puts out my hand.
I wonder if I was hated …
Kaho, who loves me, awakens to sexual pleasure rather than resisting …