Hitozuma OnaPet Yukino-san Chounaikai Onsen Ryokou Zenra Bus Guide! The Motion Anime


Japanese Title: 人妻オナペット幸乃さん町内会温泉旅行全裸バスガイド! The Motion Anime

The owner and manager of the fresh-as-hell apartment building is Yuki Fujimoto, a smokin’ hot beauty who’s not just easy on the eyes, but also as carefree as they come. The protagonist has made it a daily habit to lend a hand with the cleaning in the garbage collection area, using greetings as a chance to catch some of Yuki’s accidental boob slips and panty peeks.

One day, Yuki throws an invite at the protagonist, asking if they’re interested in joining the neighborhood association for some wild times. As a trial run, the protagonist decides to hop on the neighborhood association’s steamy hot spring trip, where Yuki takes charge as the tour guide. And what they witness there is some mind-blowing shit.

You got naked tours on the bus, exhibitionist sightseeing with a buzzing toy, wild-ass parties at night, orgies in the mixed-gender hot springs, public dumps for all to see, and some steamy encounters once everyone’s knocked out. Get ready for a damn hot and twisted sightseeing trip!