Shinjin 22-sai no Onee-chan Uramono AV Debut!! Saitou Hanako – Iki Kuruu Nee-chan no AV o, Otouto no Ore ga Produce! The Motion Anime


Japanese: 新人22歳のお姉ちゃん裏モノAVデビュー!! 斎藤花子 イキ狂うねーちゃんのAVを、弟の俺がプロデュース! The Motion Anime

Hanako Saito is a talented girl who attends a famous private university.
She’s beautiful even from my younger brother’s point of view, she’s got a good personality, and well, she’s a big sister who’s not embarrassed to be seen anywhere.

I secretly admired such a girl.
She’s longing for it, and frankly, it’s a side dish for masturbation.
She said that one day she said something outrageous.

“I have to pay off my ex-boyfriend’s debt, 5 million

. ”
To be honest, she was by far the most despairing story I’ve heard in years.
If this happens, there is no choice but to take a personal AV with two people and devote it to debt repayment!

“teeth? It can’t be helped, so I decided to make her friend Kimoota virgin Kaneda an actor.
However, this guy was the owner of a ridiculously huge cock!

This is the story of a sad little brother who has to film his crazy sister in his friend’s arms.