Cute Maid’s work – The Motion Anime


“My name is Yukina Kido. Master of the Mansion … Eiji s father, I was serving as a maid at Eiichiro Mishima s mansion. ” One day, a maid who didn t look good in my Onboro apartment came to visit me. She tells me that her father has died and that I have the right to inherit her heritage. She hears that her father had an affair when I was a baby and that caused her to divorce. That s why I ve never seen a picture of her father. For me, I had the image of a man who abandoned me and my mother. I never wanted to meet or find out about my father. I don t feel like inheriting “… Anyway, I refuse.” I tell you. Then she suddenly became naked, and … “Eiji-sama, please make yourself comfortable.” I m so surprised that I can t even go back When I thought that I bounced gracefully with a movement like Ko-ryu, I jumped at it.