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Sextra Credit episode 2

On the rooftop, when I was planning a strategy, a student was eating a lunch box by himself. A student named Yuma is bullied and always eats lunch on the roof alone. Yuma and I became best friends. According to Marimo’s information, Rui Mizuta and Kaori Aizaki are unusually close friends, just like homosexuality. Following them, I heard Kaori yelling in the art room. Apparently a student was looking at an erotic book during class. Kaori cursed the student, stepped on his heels, and made him sit down. “I can’t forgive this maggot for being pleased to see this ugly nakedness!” Kaori ordered the students to come to the chemistry room after school.
Immediately I hid in the locker in the chemistry room and waited for Kaori to come. What the hell is going on? It was Louis who appeared. Moreover, they kiss and get intertwined. After all, the two were homosexual. The erotic student I mentioned earlier came there, was made to sit upright, and was relentlessly insulted by Kaori. “You say that you can understand the depth of sexuality and love with this kind of thing !? I will show you the depth of real love between her and her. Burn it firmly in her eyes!” “Now, you will be my XX. Then I will make you squid to your heart’s content.” The student became Kaori’s ○○ and sperm was thrown up to the ceiling. Louis was excited by the dirty Ji-ko and shook her ass and was blamed by Kaori. Kaori had a smirk at the XX student.