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Sextra Credit episode 1

I (Jotaro) became a teacher longing for a hot-blooded teacher on TV. At the school I was working hard as a teacher. The principal, who had shown an understanding of my method, fell ill and entered a medical treatment life. It was Kyoko Shio, the vice-principal, who took over after that. The education that I had ideally collapsed before the educational policy that the vice-principal’s advancement rate was the first. I lost my temper and now I’m a bad teacher who is ridiculed by students.

On that day, he was summoned to the school principal’s office by mistake and was reprimanded by a group of five female teachers led by the vice-principal. During class, the students pointed out mistakes, and I was forced to sit down by the students because of the poor response. In the end, I was removed from my homeroom and decided to visit another teacher’s class. It was the beginning of the days of humiliation that robbed me of everything …