A big swimsuit harem just for me on the beach! (motion animation)




Once, I experienced an unusual event where I faced death, but at that very moment, a stunning lady with ample bosom approached me on the beach, claiming to be a goddess. She offered me a peculiar reward for my unfortunate demise: the ability to never face rejection when approaching someone for just 24 hours. I was granted a second chance at life. Excitedly, I ventured to the beach each day, approaching numerous girls, and despite being rejected over 10,000 times, it no longer bothers me. Why? Because now, regardless of how bold my approach may be, no girl can turn me down. I vividly recall encountering two exceptionally attractive women just before my previous death. Initially, they treated me with disdain, swiftly dismissing me. However, when I engaged them in conversation, they surprisingly showed interest and willingly engaged in intimate moments. An incredible harem scenario unfolded, all thanks to the brief yet extraordinary power I possessed. I plan to seek consensual intimacy with these two beautiful women with ample charms as a form of personal victory.