My Classmate’s Mother episode 1


The stage is an ordinary school, Seikyo Gakuen. The main character, Jun Igarashi, is a sophomore who attends this school. In the middle of his youth, he had a love illness.
However, the person he loves is not a girl who is popular in the class or a new female teacher who is popular with boys, but a sober veteran who has been teaching for more than 10 years and is as old as a mother and a child. A female teacher, Keiko-sensei, who was in charge when the associate was in the first grade. However, no matter how much he thinks about Keiko-sensei, it is a love that cannot be fulfilled.
Associate is in the second grade with an unfulfilled love, class changes are made, and the teacher also changes.
He felt that his contact with Keiko had diminished, but he decided to join the badminton club where he advised. The badminton club, which is mostly ghost members. After school, practice alone with a teacher in a jersey. It thrilled the hero’s chest with it.
One day, a classmate sitting next to me-a girl who serves as a class representative talks to me, creating a new point of contact between the associate and Keiko-sensei.
“Kun Igarashi, my mother is always indebted to me.”
Associate had heard rumors that “the teacher’s child is attending this school.”
Why did Keiko-sensei’s daughter, Say, tell her only what she had hidden until now? I didn’t know the reason, but Say’s words, “My mom often talks about Igarashi Kun at home,” convinces him alone.
“I wonder if Igarashi-kun’s house is a single-mother family and we are a single-mother family. Mom, I often talk about Igarashi-kun.”
Knowing the circumstances of “the teacher is a widow without a husband”, the Associate’s love switch made a noise and rang violently.
And I decide to confess to Keiko-sensei.