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Ore ga Kanojo o Okasu Wake episode 1

Ryuji Oki once had a loved one.
She married Ryuji’s brother and eventually gave birth to a child.
The unrequited love distorted over time and stagnated in Ryuji.
Rinka, the daughter of Ryuji’s loved one.
She visits Ryuji as a runaway hideaway.
She has a well-organized nose. Rinka has grown into a beautiful woman who resembles her mother.
As she adolescents, her breasts and thighs are moderately fleshed, and she shows her
body out of her sailor suit.
Ryuji’s distorted desires re-emerge in Rinka, who retains the vestiges of her loved ones.
The aphrodisiac he accidentally finds destroys his last reason.

The woman who has run away from home for a while is a woman
I have known since I was a baby.
She looks just like the woman I’m in love with,
and has a mature body that I don’t know about.
… I know the moment when reason collapses.