Hitozuma, Mitsu to Niku episode 2


“Let’s Workout !! Episode 3”
Takamura decides to go to a membership-based fitness club frequently, even though he feels guilty about his husband.
Onda is introduced to an instructor who passed the interview with Shimazu.
After finishing all the exercises, the special menu has finally started.
While being overwhelmed by Onda’s tough real thing, he devoured himself and continued to have an ecstatic expression, tasting a feeling he had never experienced before.

“Let’s Workout !! Episode 4”
Shimadzu and Takamura will take their instructors Hosoda and Onda to a guesthouse overlooking the sea for a double date.
Hosoda was enthusiastic about the owner, Shimazu, to shatter his pride into pieces and give in to him.
The moment a woman falls in love … exceeds the limits she has never experienced in her previous activities.
The moment when she is given an unknown and fierce pleasure and is defeated by her power is a reality.