Himitsu no Kichi episode 2


a summer aventure, Tanabe attended a swimming class to overcome Kanazuchi.
But even a day ago she couldn’t swim and she was mentally cornered and fell off her diving platform.
When she loses consciousness and wakes up, the face of Shinozaki, a teacher who takes care of her by artificial respiration, is in front of her.
Shinozaki reminds him of his boyfriend who had been dating Tanabe in the past, and invites him to experience the memories of one summer by the pool.
At first, Tanabe, who was awakened, responded to Shinozaki’s feelings as much as possible in order to make him forget his appearance.

Elena and Tae, the Bombshell Manju Musume
Elena and Tae have been hired by the owner of a Japanese sweets shop, Shigezo, after the cake shop they worked for collapsed.
The two misunderstood the meaning of gratitude, and when they sneaked into the quiet room of Shigezo, they pressed their rugged breasts against their faces.
Shigezo’s life is for a store that has been passed down from generation to generation, but he cannot escape the temptation of a giant bun and becomes captivated by the two bodies.

Includes “First Reminiscences” and “Bombshell Manju Musume” from the original “Himitsukichi Yoi”