After Class Lesson episode 2

The main character, Ryuichi Shibusawa, was traumatized by the failure of his first experience and stopped erection in front of a woman.
He is hired as a temporary janitor at Ryuji Joshigakuin, a prestigious music school and a young lady’s school.
However, due to his humble attitude, eerie appearance, and work attitude of wandering around the academy meaninglessly, it is decided that he will be dismissed during the full trial period.
When he was depressed, he was called by a female student, Tokaibayashi Ao, who is called “Yuri no Hime”.
When he talks, his crotch suddenly gets hot, and since his first experience, he erects against a real woman and succeeds in turning Ao into a sex slut with a high feeling.Ryuichi decided to make the best female student in this girls’ school his sex slut if he had only one month left.
Thus he began to wander around the school in search of their weaknesses …