After Class Lesson episode 3


From the experience he once went to, the main character, Shibuya Kozo, has an extraordinary attachment to female students.
Dreaming of a life surrounded by school girls, he worked hard to improve himself and got a job as a clerk at a prestigious girls’ school.

However, when he started his long-cherished life at a girls’ school, he was so excited that he often ejaculated in his pants, and the eerie and suspiciousness that always gave off the smell of semen
was regarded as a problem, and he signed a dismissal request on campus. Will happen.

Knowing the danger of his position, Zou decides to reopen and throw his desires at the students who have been keeping an eye on him before the decision to dismiss him.

Relying on the unequaled energy that does not wither no matter how much ejaculation, he chases the target and wanders around the school after school …

Female lewd voice echoing in the school building after school ……

Pleasure drowning in cloudiness fills the girl’s reason-