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Muramata-san no Himitsu episode 2

“Miss Muramata’s Secret 3”
Miss Muramata took all the urgent work on his back and returned all his subordinates.
She read the backlog documents and was worried about the many corrections and other complicated tasks.
Kaji called out from behind in the office where he was left alone.
He cares for Miss Muramata and conveys his feelings that he should rely more on himself and be more pampered.
She has acted patiently as his boss, but the words break her tension.
Miss Muramata, who begs for Kaji and spoils her, is also attractive !!

“I know Momose”
Momose, the girl of the top four caste heavenly kings, thought she still had a dick for some reason.
Her classmate Yinka Hayato goes to talk about Ji Ko being big and confirms each other’s genitals.
Hayato who guides Momose skillfully as she wishes while refraining from her.
Hayato, who couldn’t stand her, told her that she didn’t have a girl, and threw a stunning dick into Momose’s dick.