Dearest Blue episode 1


In the small town of Hoshizora, Rio and Mamoru, childhood homies who got some deep-ass feelings for each other, end up in some crazy-ass situation, like a rollercoaster gone off the rails. It’s all good vibes until they find themselves caught up in this complex and ambiguous mess. But here’s the twist, By some crazy fate, Rio gets dragged into the world of idol activities after accidentally joining a beauty pageant. But hold up, Mamoru gets a chillin’ warning that Rio’s just a pawn in some messed-up game played by these manipulative elites called the “Sacrifices.” Now, Mamoru’s like, “Oh hell naw, I gotta protect my girl Rio at all costs!” So, he starts hustlin’ and takin’ on all sorts of jobs and roles within this game, all while keepin’ the true nature of it all on the down-low. It’s like he’s juggling flaming chainsaws. But here’s the kicker, Mamoru’s tryin’ to shield Rio from the unsettling truth, but she’s all confused and suspicious. It’s like tryin’ to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. Despite the doubts and uncertainties, Mamoru’s stayin’ strong, determined to keep Rio safe. But wait for it… Mamoru ends up seein’ somethin’ he never wanted to witness.