Hime-sama Gentei! episode 2


Princess Serina was melancholy …
“I can’t hide my feelings for him anymore … but …”
Her feelings were complicated when she thought of Princess Olivia, who had suddenly left. ..

Still, with courage, Serina stepped forward in front of Yu, wearing a swimsuit under her dress and revealing her feelings in the moonlight.
At the height of her embarrassment, she kneels in front of him with her momentum, gently reaching for her half-hearted bulge, and she moves her hand awkwardly.
“The thing for a man is such a size …”
His unscrupulous reaction immediately. Only Sole was reflected in Serina’s eyes.
“Muu, I can’t control it …”
Serina stares at her wet eyes.

Yu, who can’t stand her, hugs her fresh body firmly and slowly crawls her tongue on her beautifully arranged breasts … After that, Serina wanted to enjoy her flirting with Yu.
However, Yu’s behavior that easily exceeds her diagonally above her expectations of “I want to do this”.
I couldn’t stand it and I was sick on the street corner. When she eats ice cream, she slurps the ice cream.
Even his slightly abnormal acts make her feel her love … I couldn’t believe her resistance, but she was pushed up violently, and Serina’s healthy limbs matured her femininity. It was.

At that time, Serina, who was thinking of enjoying the festival at the shrine, said,
“Oh, my brother ……… Miku’s pants made it big?”
The cute voice that combined embarrassment and immaturity was astonished. I was forced to listen to the words while pressing my cheeks between Yu’s crotch …