Hime-sama Gentei! episode 1


Olivia Eddie Wolf, a strong and stubborn princess from the country of Marualand.
Her fingertips carefully rubbed the cock of her fascinated man, Yu ….
In the club room where Serina of the Principality of Mellberg and her sister Miku are right next to her, the act of mysteriously writhing under the table approaches the rise.
“Punish for an indiscriminate male …”
Olivia whispers in her ear, and Yu just solidifies …

Olivia in a dress that shines brightly at a gorgeous party venue.
She takes Yu, who accompanied her, to her break and into her car.
“Asakura … That’s no good …”
Olivia’s usual bullish attitude is modest and greedy. The maid, Franny
, who came to see the situation, was in the usual condition,
“Because it’s okay … Please come back.” In the park in the afternoon … A princess kneeling in an unpopular bush. Even the appearance of slowly holding her soaring cock is graceful, and her mouth sucking with her bullish attitude shines sloppyly dripping …