Hakoiri Shoujo: Virgin Territory episode 2


I was taking a shower.
By doing so, I felt like it would wash everything away.
But she couldn’t have been that convenient, and I remember receiving XX from her trusted justice and losing her virginity.
Yukino just shed tears at that fact …
However, the word “I love you”, which was told by justice at the end, remained faintly in Yukino’s heart.

Meanwhile, her justice was trying to do something to further enjoy the comfort of a real lady.
However, the days that Yukino avoids continue, and her justice feels a little impatient. As she looks at Yukino in her gym clothes, she suddenly finds out that the ground has become noisy and Yukino has fallen, with
her regrets that she should have taken more time . Yukino is taken to her infirmary. It was that her justice had a chance to enjoy Yukino’s body again.