Hakoiri Shoujo: Virgin Territory episode 1


Sakuraya Gakuen has tradition and prestige. It is a school where only true ladies who have passed strict selection tests are allowed to attend.
Masayoshi Kaminari has been in his fourth year as a teacher at Sakuraya Gakuen. As a kind and cool teacher, he monopolized the popularity of schoolgirls.
He was ostensibly a teacher who was kind to the students, but behind the scenes he was a fornication teacher who took advantage of his popularity and had relationships with multiple schoolgirls.
She should be the school where the selected lady attends, but she was justice with a bit of a bite to deal with the schoolgirls who approached her without any discipline.

However, there was only one female student with a different atmosphere among the seemingly young ladies.
Her name is Yukino Kirihara, and she is the second daughter of the global conglomerate “Kirihara Group”.
Perhaps because she was raised in pure culture, she was unsuspecting, and her unremarkable personality could be seen in her words and deeds.
She is a beautiful girl who fits the word she is a boxed girl.
In her justice, the desire to enjoy the real lady as she wishes arises.
But if she touches the daughter of the chaebol, she could be socially wiped out.
There, Justice used her teacher’s position to gain the trust of Yukino.
One day after school, justice decides to overrun Yukino’s unclean body at will.