Tayu Tayu episode 2


Midori honestly reveals her feelings that Reiji is “like” and Shiho is “want” with Reiji.
On her way home from school, she tells Midori that she’s at Reiji’s house and she’s making dinner and waiting.
She was a green bird wearing a naked apron and waiting for her heart to flutter, but when she opened her door, she saw Shiho with her arms crossed with Reiji.
She can’t hide her shock from the two, and Midori leaves the house without saying anything.
The next day she wasn’t at school.

Reiji, who was worried, fell into self-loathing why he couldn’t apologize obediently, and desperately searched for the kingfisher.
And on the big protruding rock of the river surrounded by trees, there was a kingfisher naked.
A word suddenly told by Midori that the two reconciled are talking about an old tale.
As the sun shined, the two entwined violently and promised to be lovers.