Tayu Tayu episode 3


Reiji was going out with Midori, but his relationship with Shiho remained.
One day, Chisa Takamine, a type that doesn’t stand out at the school, suddenly asks her to get her virginity.
She says her reason is that she has a long-distance relationship boyfriend and she’s embarrassed that she’s a virgin now.
Reiji hesitates, but Chisa points out the relationship between Midori and Shiho, and he has a crushing relationship.

On the way back from the school, I heard a pant voice from the watermill.
When Reiji looked inside through the gap, Sayaka Blacksmith and Haruka’s twin sisters were lesbian.
And the peeping is caught, and Reiji is drawn inside and restrained with a rope.
Reiji’s trousers that can’t move are taken down, and the sensitive two begin to play with their crotch over and over again.

Midori, Shiho, Chisa, Sayaka, Haruka, who really is the favorite …?