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Pretty x Cation The Animation episode 1

[Yakuoji Komachi]
A frolicking Komachi at the Sky Tower observation deck at dusk.
When I see her in front of me, I can’t help but convey her feelings of love.
Komachi responds to my feelings. On this day, I climbed up with my teacher … and came down with my lover …
After that, at Komachi’s request, I kissed for the first time while enjoying the night view. She said she wanted to stay at my house … !!

[Elektrichka Sapsan]
On the rooftop of the school at dusk, I was confessed by an international student from Russia, Elektrichka Sapsan.
Seeing her embarrassment clogs her words, she interrupts her confession and applies for dating herself.
During the summer vacation, Leche, who bought a poolside cleaning during the training camp of the swimming club, is cleaning with me and two people in the pool of an empty school with a deck brush.
After the cleaning is over, I am fascinated by the appearance of Leche swimming in the pool course.
Leche notices my hot gaze and the bulge in her crotch, with only her feet immersed in the pool …!?