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Pretty x Cation The Animation episode 2

[Nozomi Asagiri]
I was absent from school because of a cold.
Nozomi smiled in front of me when I woke up with a nice scent in my sleep.
“That’s it …”
Nozomi responds with shame.
Nozomi asked me,
“Would you like to take a bath together …?”

[Sakiyoshi Asagiri]
I decided in front of the fountain park at night.
I’m trying to confess to Sakura today.
and…. We became lovers on a sunny day.
Saki-chan said, “Let’s go to her senior’s house and watch a romance movie.” When
we saw the romance movie of our brothers and sisters, we
kissed her for the first time to shorten the distance between each other.
“My brother’s first time … I got it …”
Sakura-chan smiles mischievously.
“Continued from the kissing scene … Why don’t you try it?”