Hitozuma, Mitsu to Niku episode 1


“Let’s Workout !! Episode 1”
After the meeting at the company housing, Takamura was invited to a membership-based fitness club run by his wife (Shimadzu), the managing director of the company where her husband works.
She has no reason to decline, so she heads to the venue where the fitness club is held.
She changed into a leotard and was able to move her body to the rhythm and enjoy exercising.
The managing wife called out there.
“It’s not over yet. Rather, the actual production is about to come.”
What is the special menu?

“Let’s Workout !! Episode 2”
Onda was approached by a senior at the university to talk about an instructor’s part-time job. , I was interested in the contents and decided to go to an interview.
When Shimadzu, who is the presiding officer, finishes the interview, the behind-the-scenes situation of the store … The field test to see if he / she can be satisfied with the special menu begins.
What are the results of testing each action, reaction, liquid volume, sustainability, etc.?