Wizard Girl Ambitious episode 1


High Wizard Asuka who is worried about Yuigadokuson, clear mind, good looks, cute selfish and small boobs.
She confirms her feelings with her partner Kei before the battle with Las Boss.
“This kind of figure … I don’t want to show you …”
Unlike the usual unmanned attitude, Asuka is ashamed and shrinks to hide her bare body.
Kei was fascinated by the girl’s face that she showed for the first time …
Kei who blames her unmanned, unlike her usual indecisiveness.
“Yeah, a little, Kei … wait, hey, if you wait,”
Kei forcibly leans on Asuka on all fours, holding down Asuka’s arm and going to the secret part that overflows and gets wet. And thrust her meat stick …
“Ke, I’m going to use charcoal.”
Cry, Asuka forgot about herself and tried to magically hit her with her anger …
What appeared before them ? , Christine Reika Raphael, a self-proclaimed Asuka rival who longs for Kei.
She jumped in without knowing anything before Asuka and Kei faced naked.