Ikkyuu Nyuukon episode 4


“Love cheering”
district tournament final!
If you win, you will be defeated by the support of the soccer club manager “Eri Shinozuka” just before you can get the ticket for the national tournament .
Eri decides to go home with her junior member “Toshiya” who loses the game and is depressed.
Upon arriving in front of her home in her grace, she invites her to go up because there is no one in her house today.
“I will reward Toshiya who worked hard on Eri’s boobs.”

“secret study”
After the test, Nozomi and her senior, who promised to go to the sea, went to the store to choose a swimsuit.
A micro bikini was held in my hand as a reward for my seniors.
When I leave the store, I squeeze the reason and enter the karaoke box.
Nozomi tried on the swimsuit that she had just given as a gift at the request of her senior.
The plump appearance that sticks out makes her look even bolder than her embarrassment