Ikkyuu Nyuukon episode 2


Sato, a member of the volleyball club, is shown the sex of senior club members and manager Takahashi in front of him every day and
tries to masturbate at home to calm his anguish, but that is not possible.
Sato, who planned to be alone, explodes everything he has endured in the physical education warehouse and seeks Takahashi’s body.

The women’s volleyball club has decided to go to a training camp ahead of the summer tournament. However, as soon as I arrived at the site, I had a BBQ party !?
After that, all the members asked for Takahashi’s body and all the members scrambled for Ji Po! My favorite Asakura was brought there …

Includes the 3rd, 4th, and extra editions of the twin ball attack from the original “Ichikyu Iritama”