Ikkyuu Nyuukon episode 3


“Soukyu Love Attack Final Story”
Everyone who came to the summer training camp.
Asakura was given a special menu by the director to become stronger in Prescher.
Under the guidance of Takahashi, she will be trained in “Breast Massage ???”.
She is confused at first but gradually gets used to it, and finally has her first experience.
She sweats in the bathroom, soaks in the bathtub, and when she tries to start again, the
members rush in and finish the training camp!

“Please kiss me”
Nana Sakashita was helping at a small restaurant in the same shopping district.
Her longing brother (Hiro brother) asks for an event MC in her shopping district.
The next day she went to the venue and handed her a small outfit.
She told me she might be reluctant to look like that, and
when she realized her feelings that she cherished, she turned into her
longing Hiro brother’s costume …
and loved each other. When I noticed, the distance between the two people came very close!