Ikkyuu Nyuukon episode 1


Takahashi, a male student, was worried about Kaori Asakura of the volleyball club.
Sato, her classmate who belongs to the same club activities as Asakura, introduces her, so an email arrives to come to her club room.
When I entered the club room in anticipation, I grabbed the brassiere that had fallen from his head and took a definitive photo of evidence as an underwear thief.
Takahashi, who was slammed by seniors in the volleyball club, was forced to be a manager. He is absolutely obedient … he has no right to refuse, and the virgin graduation party begins
as he is being struck by Gumi and Saki on the spot ! * Includes “Soukyu LOVE Attack Episodes 1 and 2” from the original “Ichikoku Tamashii”