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Ryou Seibai!: Gakuen Bishoujo Seisai Hiroku episode 2

Kyoichiro embarks on an enemy slaughter with his sister-in-law, Saki, and finds out that the three main persons of the Gakuseikai, Jun Kobishima, Sora Rokuguchi, and Wakana Manabe are involved in the incident.
As a starting point, the popular idol Jun Kotobishima is given a success or failure of being covered with semen, and information on the next target, Rokuguchi Sora, is extracted.
And Kyoichiro who gives the success or failure of the name ○○○ to Rokuguchi Sora. He hunted down until just before he regretted the incident, but Rokuguchi Sora, who was overwhelmed, forced himself into a sympathetic male teacher.

The rest is one person. Kyoichiro continues to give the student council president Wakana Manabe a fierce defeat.
However, Wakana, who has a strong M attribute, does not easily admit her blame.
Meanwhile, the desire of the S attribute hidden in Kyoichiro has blossomed …