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Ryou Seibai!: Gakuen Bishoujo Seisai Hiroku episode 1

Private Kibitsu Gakuen … A famous preparatory school that attracts excellent students from all directions.
The percentage of female students is high and it looks gorgeous, but behind the scenes there were many problems.
One of them is the self-governing group that manages the school called “Gakuseikai”.

Kyoichiro Nissei, who attends such a school, lost his parents when he was young, but has lived happily with his sister-in-law and teacher, Saki.
However, Saki is XXed by a human being at the Gakuseikai and falls into her loss of soul.

There was a person who called out to Kyoichiro who lamented that she could not help her beloved Saki.
Yamiko Shiraishi, a health doctor who calls herself a “darkness inspector of public security”.
She asked Kyoichiro to join her if she wanted to win or lose the school meeting.
Kyoichiro, who was disappointed with his helplessness, nods to Yamiko.