Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi The Animation episode 1


The first step to becoming a dream doctor.
On the day he was transferred to the hospital as a trainee, the main character reunited with her childhood friend who became a nurse for the first time in several years.
Her hero who spends her busy training days while learning her details from her who becomes her senior at her hospital.
One day, her hero saved her and falls off of stairs.
She broke her right arm and left leg and was forced to stay in her hospital by suspending her training.
She was hospitalized in her ward where she is.
Seeing her broken and lying in bed, she appears depressed as if she felt responsible for her.
To encourage her such her, her protagonist decided to make her suggestion.

“I’m glad if you take care of me because it’s only necessary when I’m free ──”
“I’ll do it!”

Thus, she begins to take care of the hero beyond the nurse’s job ── Mio Akagi.
A hospital love story woven by her trainee and her.