Shocking Pink! episode 1


Takaaki Zhuge spends his days working part-time to repay his parents’ debt.
One day, a beautiful girl named Liu Bei Gentoku visits Takaaki. She thinks Takaaki is Zhuge Liang and wants to welcome her as a warrior.
In a crazy story, Takaaki Donbiki tries to get rid of him because he is busy with his part-time job, but Liu Bei takes over the debt of Takaaki’s parents.
Takaaki gets angry at the attitude of trying to solve things with money.
Kiss and silence Takaaki, who has no ears to hear angry, and pushes him down to his bed. Despite the surprised Takaaki, Liu Bei takes off his clothes and sets up a color scheme.
Regardless of the character of his contents, he did not have enough experience to reject the temptation of his daughter, who is a beautiful girl with outstanding style.
Takaaki takes off his pants and plays with one thing with his hand and mouth.
Having continued a stoic life due to debt problems, Takaaki’s one reacts obediently to the pleasures given, swelling and trembling as if ejaculating at any moment.
He just tried to surrender himself to the pleasures of ejaculation, but Liu Bei refused to give him any more pleasures.
He opened his legs on his bed and exposed the local area generously, saying that he would do more if he became a warrior.
She is a beautiful girl, but Takaaki is upset by Liu Bei, who is too aggressive at her own pace.